On Narrato, you can add your clients in a special Client or Guest role that gives them limited access to your workspace. You can give clients access to their own projects where they will be able to view and comment on the tasks that are marked for their visibility.

Clients can view content tasks that are marked Sent to Client, Complete, and Published. 

The Client role also allows them to send messages to the team members assigned to their content tasks. 

Adding clients to the Client (Guest) role

To add a client to the Client user role, the steps are the same as adding other user roles to your workspace (Refer to User Roles).

Go to the 'Team' tab on the left menu of your workspace. On the Team page, click on 'Invite User' and type in the client's email address. Make sure to choose the 'Client' user role and send the invite. 

The client will receive the invitation through email and can join your workspace.

Controlling how clients can access workspace

Apart from limited access to content tasks, there are other settings allowing you to control what your clients can see in your workspace. 

In the workspace settings (gear icon on the top left), you can make changes to the General settings. This includes -

  • Blocking content creators from messaging clients directly
  • Blocking clients from seeing the names of senders (shown as messages from "Admin/Project Manager")
  • Allowing clients to see content calendar

Who should use the Client role

The Client (Guest) role is particularly useful for agencies, marketing teams, and individual content creators working on client projects.