Narrato API

Narrato's API allows you to build custom publishing integrations with any CMS. This makes the task of publishing as simple as changing the status of a content item.

The Narrato support team offers full guidance for building such custom integrations. You can contact the support team with your request and they will work with your dev team to get any custom integration up and running.

How to access the Narrato API?

You can find the API token and documentation, on the Workspace Settings page (access through the big gear icon located right on the top menu), under the API tab.

Narrato Zapier integration

The Narrato-Zapier integration allows you to connect your Narrato Workspace to 5000+ apps. You can build custom Zaps to automate certain activities, including content publishing.

For publishing automation, connect your CMS or social media accounts with Narrato and create an easy Zap with a relevant trigger and action. For example, when a task status on Narrato is changed to 'Published' (trigger) the content gets automatically posted on the CMS/social platform (action). 

Building Zaps on Zapier is simple. There are clear instructions for every step on the platform itself and all you have to do is follow the steps shown on-screen.