Workflow automation on Narrato allows you to automate certain actions at every step of your workflow. 


You can automatically move due dates, assign tasks to a team member(s) and automate notifications to be sent to the select members. The automations work as follows -

If the task status is updated to 'X', 'update due date' and/or 'assign task' and/or 'notify'.

You can also limit the visibility of a content task preventing certain user roles from accessing the task at certain workflow stages.

Workflow automation eliminates most of the repetitive and rule-based tasks every time a content item is moved from one task status to another. Once you've applied automations to your workflow, the projects linked to the workflow will follow these rules for every content item, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

How to add workflow automations

To add workflow automations:


  • Go to 'Workflows' under the Library section of your workspace. 


  • Click on the workflow you want to add automations to. On each workflow status, you will see an Automations and a Visibility icon.


  • Click on the Automations icon on a workflow status. You can now choose what happens when a task is updated to this status. The automation options you have are:


                 * Move Due Date (by X days from today)

                 * Assign To or/and Un-assign

                 * Send Notification(s) to selected members

To manage the task visibility at different workflow statuses:


  • Click on the Visibility (eye) icon on the selected workflow status. Next to 'Task with this status not visible to roles' click on Edit and select the user roles for which you want to restrict access. Visibility can be restricted only for Content Creator, Editor, and Client roles.


With this, your workflow automations are ready. Now every time the task status is updated, these actions will automatically be triggered and completed.