Custom workflows on Narrato allow you to define your own workflow steps and have all tasks in a project follow them. Your boards, task statuses are fully customizable with this feature. 

With the custom workflows feature you can add your own unique workflow steps and milestones, mirroring your content process. You can have different workflows for your blog, social media, website updates, and other content creation.

How to create Custom Workflows

Every project has a workflow associated. When you create a project, you choose the workflow to apply at the time. So it is recommended to create a workflow before creating the project. The workflows can be modified later, i.e. steps can be added, moved up and down or steps' names can be changed as well.

To create a workflow:

  • Click on 'Workflows' under the library section. (You'll find a default workflow here that is automatically applied to your project in case you don't apply a custom workflow.)

  • To create a new workflow, click on the New Workflow button and give your workflow a unique name.

  • Add new statuses to your workflow by clicking on the + button. You can insert steps in between or at the end of the workflow.

  • You can edit workflow steps' names or change color. You can even drag-drop the steps to different positions.

  • Once the workflow steps are mapped, you can apply the workflow to a new project or an existing project without tasks.

  • To apply the workflow to a new project, select the workflow you wish to apply at the time of project creation.

  • To change the default workflow for a project with no tasks yet, simply navigate to the 'Workflow and Other Settings' tab in Project settings and select the workflow you want to apply from the drop-down. 

Just one thing to note - you can only update the workflow of a project which doesn't have any active tasks.

Once you have created and applied the custom workflow to a project, all your tasks in the project will follow your custom workflow. 

Here's a quick video showing you how to build custom workflows on Narrato.