The core function of content agencies is to create high-quality, optimized content for clients. Content agencies have to manage multiple client projects simultaneously, making it difficult to organize all the content and keep track of each project's progress. 

Narrato helps content agencies manage their content workflows, organize and track their client projects and manage their team at one place. 

The challenges faced by content agencies

A content agency creates and delivers thousands of content pieces to clients every month. To handle content creation at this scale, most agencies use both off-the-shelf and custom software to put their process together. The usual tool stack for a content agency would include commonly used tools like Google docs and sheets along with offline documents and sheets, Google Drive and Dropbox, a project management software, email, Slack, Grammarly, Copyscape, and a few others. 

So many disconnected tools make the content process scattered and fragmented, causing avoidable process errors, inefficiencies, and process redundancies.

How Narrato helps

Narrato Workspace is an integrated content creation and workflow management software. It is designed to help content teams see through their entire content creation process from start to finish, beginning with content ideation and planning to content creation, collaboration, and publishing. It also helps with team management, having several flexible user roles and freelance writers’ payment management features.

Content agencies can use Narrato for -

  • Onboarding new clients and delivering content work
  • Organizing Projects and using Guidelines repository and Templates
  • Assigning content tasks and tracking progress
  • Creating content with a powerful content editor 
  • Creating content templates for consistency
  • Collaborating on content 
  • Publishing content on WordPress sites
  • Freelance writer management and payments

Key benefits witnessed by content agencies using Narrato

  • Multiple tools used for content creation, delivery, collaboration, and project management replaced by and consolidated on a single platform
  • Improvement in speed and efficiency of creating and shipping content 
  • Reduction in process and content errors 
  • Improvement in content quality
  • Client and team interactions are consolidated, more traceable, and simplified

To learn how a content agency used Narrato to achieve significant improvements in their content process, read this case study - How a Content Agency Replaced All Content Creation and Project Management Tools with Narrato Workspace: Case Study