Content is an integral part of any design process and Narrato has been helping web designers create quality content for their clients' websites. Website content has to focus on all aspects of content creation, from substance to readability to search engine optimization. 

For web design and web development agencies, a major challenge often ends up being gathering content from clients or copywriters to add to the website. This leads to project delays, time-consuming follow-ups, and a lot of back and forth.

Narrato's content creation and collaboration features make it easier to gather content, get feedback and approval, and publish content to WordPress websites as well.

How Narrato helps web design agencies collaborate with clients/ copywriters

Web design agencies use Narrato primarily for the following functions -

  • Creating and organizing projects and content items for all clients
  • Creating content templates for each web page that can be applied to corresponding content items (for a project)
  • Collaborating with clients and/or copywriters in the workspace
  • Collaborating on content using in-line comments or messages
  • Sharing completed content tasks using public links

Benefits witnessed by web design agencies using Narrato

  • Quicker turnaround of website projects
  • Better control over content structure and input
  • Simplified workflow, right from task creation to completion
  • Seamless collaboration with clients and copywriters
  • Content calendar and Kanban boards offer easy status tracking of individual content pieces

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