Narrato allows you to give your clients access to their own projects while controlling which content tasks they see. The Client user role gives limited access, so they can only see those content items that have been marked for their visibility. 

Users in Project Manager roles can also be added to projects that they are managing. 

How to add Client and Project Manager role users to projects

To add a user in the Client or Project Manager role to their designated projects, go to the 'Team' tab from the left menu on your workspace.

You will find the entire list of team members in various roles. Click on the team member (in Client or Project Manager role) you want to add to a project.

Click on the 'Add to Projects' button. Select the projects you wish to add them to from the dropdown and Save.

You can also add multiple users to a project at one go from the Actions menu. Select the users in Client and Project Manager roles you wish to add and click on the Actions dropdown. Select Add to Projects and follow the same steps as above.

Note: Selecting users in roles other than Client or Project Manager will deactivate the 'Add to Projects' button. If you have selected other user roles (Admin, Content Creator, Editor, etc.) make sure to deselect them and try again.

On adding members to a project, a Client role user will be able to view/comment on the content tasks marked for their visibility under the project - task statuses Sent to Client, Complete, and Published. 

Project Managers can have full access to the project they are added to.