You can insert images and graphics along with text on Narrato's content editor. 

How to insert images/videos

To begin, go to the content item you are working on. Put your cursor on the content editor at the position where you want to insert the image or video.

On the toolbar above the content editor, click on the Image or Video icon. On the pop-up window that appears, choose the location of the file on your device. Next, select the image/video to add and insert. 

Your image/ video will appear in the editor. 

Uploading images as attachments

You can also upload your images as an attachment along with the content item. For this, your content task template must have an attachments section.

On the attachments section, click on the Upload button. Choose the relevant image from the source folder and add it. You can upload multiple images to the section.

The benefit of uploading images/videos as attachments is that when you download the content as a Word document, the images/videos are also downloaded along with it in their actual size. 

This is particularly helpful if you are delivering projects to clients directly from your workspace using public links.