You can create custom style guides for various projects and save them on Narrato Workspace. Style guides brief your content creators about project-specific guidelines such as tone, brand voice, brand assets to use, readability standards, grammar, punctuation and formatting standards, words to use/avoid, and more.

How to create style guides on Narrato

To create a style guide on Narrato, you have to go to a specific project and follow the steps below.

  • Go to the left menu on the Project page.
  • Under the 'Projects' tab, click on 'Style Guides'. This takes you to the style Guides repository on your workspace.
  • Click on 'New Style Guide'
  • Add a new title for your Style Guide
  • Click on next and add in the details

Once you are done, go back to the Style Guides repository and you should find the new style guide added to the list.

Applying style guides to a content task

To apply a style to a specific content task, open the content item. On the left menu next to the editor, click on 'Brief'. The Brief tab has all the instructions meant for the content creator, including the SEO content brief, notes to the author, and the style guide. 

If a style guide isn't already applied or if you want to modify the style guide applied to the task, click on the edit icon next to it. You can add multiple style guides to a single content task. Once the changes are made, click on Save. 

Updating style guides for multiple content items

You may also add or modify the style guides on multiple content items at once. For this, go to the All Content view and select the content items. 

From the Actions dropdown, click on 'Update Style Guides'. Add the relevant style guides and Save.