The content editor on Narrato offers various content improvement/optimization suggestions. These include highlighting grammatical errors, spelling errors, excessively long sentences, excessive use of passive voice, long paragraphs that need to be broken down by subheads, redundant words, and so on.

These suggestions help you create high-quality content that is also structured well to make it easily readable. 

How to view the grammar and readability suggestions

To view grammar and readability suggestions on your content, click on the underlined content. Less severe errors are underlined in blue while the more severe errors are marked in red. When you click on the content, the suggestion bubble appears to the right of the editor as shown below.

Toggling on/off the grammar and readability suggestions 

If you don't want the content improvement suggestions to appear while you are still creating content (as constant suggestions can hinder the train of thoughts for some writers), you can always turn the grammar and readability suggestions off. 

The option can be found on the left menu next to the content editor under the 'Task' tab. Simply toggle the button to turn off the suggestions and you can toggle it back to on when editing or proofreading your article later, or whenever you need to.