The AI topic generator on Narrato helps you come up with attention-grabbing and SEO-friendly topics on any theme based on your inputs. It is particularly helpful when you are facing writer's block or just want to craft a title that will stand apart from your competitors. 

How to work with the AI Topic Generator

  • Go to the 'AI Topic Generator' tab that can be found in the left menu, under the 'Content Planning' section. 
  • Add a theme/keyword for the topic and click on 'Generate topics' to get multiple topic recommendations.
  • You can edit these topics too if you'd like, or simply pick them as is to add to your Project to create new content items.

Adding topics to a project

To add the topics generated to a project, select the topics you'd like to pick and click on 'Add topics to project'. Choose the project under which you want to create new content items with these topics. Choose the corresponding folders and sub-folders and click on 'Done'.

Once you have completed these actions, the new content items with the chosen AI-generated topics will be visible under the project.