You can share public links of your content with others from Narrato Workspace. The viewers of the content won’t require to log in – similar to Google Doc Share links.

The public content links are particularly useful when you are sharing content with partners or external stakeholders, who are not going to be added to your Workspace as a team member.

Generating publicly shareable links

To share your content, go to the content item. On the left menu next to the editor, click on the 'Share' tab and then click on 'Get link'.

From the dropdown menu that appears, select the 'Access level' you wish to grant and copy the link for sharing.

You can give access for:

  • Viewing – the external user can view the content, but won’t be able to comment/edit. They can still copy/download the content if needed.
  • Commenting – the external user can view the content and share feedback using in-line comments, but won’t be able to edit the content.
  • Editing – the external can view, comment, and edit the content piece.


If you are working with clients or partners on a regular basis, we would still recommend adding them as a team member on Client or any other suitable role to ensure easy and smooth collaboration. However, the public content links will be super useful for stakeholders with whom you share work for feedback or some other purpose infrequently.