Narrato allows you to manage freelance content creators and generate freelancer payment reports on the platform too. You can add freelancers as users to your workspace, assign tasks, and control their access and visibility to projects.

Adding freelancers to Narrato Workspace

To add freelancers to your workspace, go to the 'Team' tab on the left menu. Click on 'Invite Users'. Enter the freelance content creator's email id and select a role from the dropdown menu. To limit their access to only the tasks assigned to them, it is best to add freelancers in the Content Creators role. 

Click on 'Send Invites' and the freelancer will receive an invitation via email to join your workspace. 

Managing freelancer payments

Adding Freelancer Rates

To add freelancer rates, go to the 'Add Freelancer' tab under Freelancer Payments (in the Tools section on the left menu).


Click on 'Add/Update a Freelancer' and choose the freelancer from the dropdown. Add the Task Type, Rate, Currency, and Rate Type, and save. 

You can add multiple rates for a freelancer and update new rates for existing freelancers too. 

Accepting Tasks for Payments

Go to the content task and click on the 'Author' icon to add the freelancer working on the task. Select the rate from the dropdown. 

Click on 'Accept' to accept task for payment. For per-word rates, word counts are automatically picked up (for writing tasks), and can also be modified. 

You can also mark the task as 'Paid', but this is best done from the payment reports, where you can mark multiple tasks paid at once.

Generating Payment Reports

The payment reports for freelancers can be found under the Freelancer Payments module (in the Tools section on the left menu). The reports can be filtered by paid/unpaid task status and/or by date ranges. The payment reports can also be downloaded for sharing.

Here's a short video showing how to use the freelancer payments management module on Narrato.