Narrato allows you to manage freelance content creators and generate freelancer payment reports on the platform too. You can add freelancers as users to your workspace, assign tasks, and control their access and visibility to projects.

Adding freelancers to Narrato Workspace

1. To get started, click on "Manage Team"


2. Invite your writers or creators to the workspace. 

3. Choose the "Creator" role, so they have access only to the tasks assigned in your Workspace.

4. You can easily assign tasks on the project.

5. You can also set due dates.

6. You can assign multiple tasks to a freelancer in one step using "Actions".

7. Choose the "Update assignees" option from the Actions drop-down.

8. You can add detailed briefs for the content tasks to give the writer guidelines.

9. The writers will receive email notifications every time tasks are assigned. They can access all assignments on the My Tasks tab.

10. Writers can change the task status to mark them done.

11. You can also set custom notifications for each workflow step by accessing the workflow in the Organize section.

12. For example, you can set a notification to alert the editor when a task is updated for review.

Managing freelancer payments

Adding freelancer rates and accepting tasks for payments on the task page

1. On the content task page, navigate to More on the left menu.

2. Click on the Author icon to add a freelance creator to the task.

3. If the content creator already has a rate associated, you'll see an option to accept the task for payment.

4. Select the rate.

5. Confirm your acceptance of the task and rate.

6. Accepting will automatically pick the word count from the task and the date of acceptance. You can modify the word count or Undo the acceptance if needed.

7. If the payment is already made, you can also mark the task paid. But it is best to leave this update to be done on the Payment Reports page, where you can mark multiple tasks paid at once.

Adding freelancers on multiple tasks

1. You can also add a freelancer as an Author on multiple content tasks using the Actions dropdown.

2. You can mark multiple tasks "Accepted" for payment from the Actions dropdown too.

3. Select the freelancer rates and accept the chosen tasks for payment.

Adding freelancer rates

1. To add a freelancer's rate, navigate to Teams under the main menu, and go to Freelancers Payment.

2. Under Add Freelancers, click on "Add/Update Freelancers".

3. Select the user.

4. Click on "Add Rate".

5. Fill in the details, and save.

6. You can add multiple rates for a freelancer based on the type of task.

7. You can update new rates for existing freelancers too.

Generating Payment Reports

1. Navigate to the Payment Reports tab.

2. Click on a freelancer's name to view the detailed report.

3. You can also download the report as a PDF.

4. Once you have paid for the jobs, you can click on "Mark Paid" 

5. Then mark all jobs paid at once or click through individual jobs to update the payment status.

6. You can also select multiple freelancers' jobs and mark them paid at once from the Actions dropdown under the Payment Reports page.

Here's a short video showing how to manage freelancers and their payments on Narrato.