The content calendar on Narrato allows you to visually track the progress of all your content projects. You can also create and assign content tasks directly from the content calendar.

How to use the Content Calendar on Narrato

The content calendar for each project can be accessed from the project page itself. It is available as one of the views, alongside Content & Folders, All Content, and Kanban Board.

Filtering content items by workflow status

Once you are on the content calendar, you can filter content tasks under the project based on the workflow statuses. Go to the Task Status dropdown above the content calendar. By default, all tasks are shown on the calendar. From the dropdown menu, you can filter New Items, Drafting, In-Review, Sent to Client, Complete or Published content items.

Content items on the calendar are color-coded based on their workflow status for easy tracking.

Changing deadlines on content tasks

You can also change the due date on a content task directly from the content calendar. Just drag and drop the item to the new date to change the deadline.

Creating a new content item

To create and assign a new content task directly from the content calendar, click on a date. A pop-up appears asking you to choose the relevant sub-folder. Select the folder to which the content item will belong and click on 'Add Content'. Fill up the rest of the details as you would when creating a content task. 

Once done, the content item will appear on the content calendar.

Global calendar

You can also have a complete overview of all your projects workspace-wide on the Global content calendar. The Global calendar lets you pick and choose which projects you would like to view. 

To access the Global calendar, go to the Projects tab and choose the calendar view. You can select the projects you want to view on the field above the calendar. If you want to view all projects at once, simply click on 'Select all'.

Content calendar on Narrato

Here's a short video demonstrating how to use content calendars on Narrato.