The AI writing feature helps you generate content based on small text inputs. This can be particularly helpful when you are struggling to find the right words for a sentence or need some help on how to begin or close an article. Generating an outline of an article is another powerful use case.

Instructions to use the AI writing tool

Step 1: Navigate to the AI writer tab

Go to the content task and navigate to the AI writer tab on the left menu beside the content editor.

Step 2: Select a use case

Select a use case by clicking on a category pill or using the search bar. 

There are over 100 different AI templates on Narrato for different use cases including blogs, web copy, social media, email, descriptions, videos, repurposing, and more.

Step 3: Type your text input

To generate the AI content, you need to provide different inputs for different use cases. For instance, to generate a Blog Post Intro you need to add the blog post title, audience, and tone. 

For a Product Description, you have to enter the product name, product type, product features, and tone.

Enter the inputs in all the fields as they appear on the tool.

Step 4: Generate content

Choose the number of variations of AI content you want and click on 'Generate'. The AI-generated content will be ready in seconds.

Note: To disable the AI writing assistant for all users, go to the Workspace Settings (gear icon on the top left), and under General Settings, tick the box against 'Disable AI writing assistant for all users'.